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Western Buddhist Monastic Gathering (WBMG)


The Western Buddhist Monastic Gathering is a gathering for culturally western monastics ordained in a Buddhist monastic, celibate tradition. The Gathering is open to monastics from any tradition, and it is this diversity which is our strength. We learn a lot from each others traditions and ways of training, as well as how we are adapting our training to serve the modern Western mindset.


The Gathering is hosted by different monastic communities on the West Coast where we share a week of presentations, fellowship, meditation, shared meals and much joy. The community is a mix of monastics from established monasteries to solitary monastics training alone. We practice gender equality.



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Fellowship and new friends

At the Monastic Gathering, we quickly become good friends with each other, and quickly discover just how much the different traditions have in common. 


Precious Diversity


The Western Buddhist Monastic Gathering is the first time in history where monastics from all the buddhist traditions have bean able to come together in one place, with a common language and culture. Getting to know each other and their traditions proves to be a tremendously enriching experience.

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